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Leff Amsterdam Day and Night Watch, White


Leff Amsterdam Day and Night Watch // Clock by designers Deson Wang and Mike He were lacking timepieces. It was hard to tell time at home and out on the town without the help of a mobile phone. To solve their dilemma, they created Day&Night Watch Wall Clock. Deson Wang and Mike He designed what could only be loosely defined as a clock, as it only functions when you hang its removable watch in the center. The clock is built of 2 components: a personal wrist watch to wear while you're out and about and a wall case "clock" which displays the watch within a wall clock while you're at home. This dual purpose timekeeper is a new interpretation of time bound to keep you on track.

5 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
Designed by Deson Wang & Mike He
Japanese Silent Movement
Service Pack Included
Hand assembled
Watch can be worn
Watch fits into clock face

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