Brand Mckenzie

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    Brand McKenzie is a British wallpaper brand with a difference. You won’t hear them waxing lyrical about their long history or their extensive back catalogue of designs. Truth be told, their journey has only just begun.

    But what they lack in longevity, they more than make up for in creativity. Their hand-drawn papers are unapologetically bold – and unquestionably beautiful. They dare you to be different; to step outside your comfort zone into a fabulous world inhabited by a cast of quirky characters. You’ll meet eccentric sea creatures riding bikes and puffing pipes; beautiful, bejewelled butterflies; and dapper leopards in bow ties and top hats.

    Suffice to say, Brand McKenzie doesn’t conform to the norm. They forgo fickle trends in favour of papers that are truly different and truly individual. They understand it takes courage to be a shade braver – to go against the grain.