Clock Trouble-shooting

Clock Trouble-shooting 

Clock just arrived and not working?

1. First things first

Trust us, we've been selling brand new high-quality wall and mantel clocks for over a decade and 9 times of to 10 it's the battery! That applies to all our clocks including the Libra Company, Newgate, Thomas Kent and Leff Amsterdam clocks.

The larger the clock the more important this is to follow our guidelines and always use a brand new high-quality Duracell Alkaline battery. That means it needs to be fresh from the packet for all our Quartz mechanism clocks. These clocks require super-dooper batteries as they are going to be working hard to keep you on time!

We urge you not to use the one you found at the back of the kitchen drawer or from the remote control! It will lead to disappointment as a used or low quality battery such as Varta, own-brands and rechargeable batteries will not be powerful enough to turn the mechanism and hands.

2. You can hear it ticking but the hands are not moving?

If you have opened an open-faced clock it could be the hands have been touched during transit or whilst setting the time for the clock.

Always set the time using the little wheel at the back of the clock. If you have changed the time by moving the hands in the face of the clock the likelihood is that the hands have misaligned in the spindle. A delicate adjustment following these 4 simple steps can easily resolve this:

    • Simply take out the battery and take off the hands
    • Firmly but gently, replace both hands at 12 noon back onto the spindle
    • Replace the battery
    • Only set the time using the little wheel at the back of the clock

It may take a couple of attempts but this will easily resolve a taking but hands not moving clock.

If you have a closed face clock this procedure can be followed once the clock has been removed from its casing.

Thank you for your co-operation!

Love from the Beaumonde Team x