The Humble Lamp

The Humble Lamp



    Introducing the Humble One and Humble Two lamps, the perfect combination of modern technology and classic design. These lamps are the world's first battery-powered table lamps that showcase the traditional glass bulb as the centerpiece of their design. They feature tiny and energy-efficient LED lights that produce a warm and inviting glow reminiscent of old-school incandescent bulbs.

    The Humble One and Humble Two lamps are cordless, making them easy to move around your home or office without any limitations. With a single charge, they can provide up to 140 hours of uninterrupted illumination, and their brightness can be adjusted with a simple button located at the base of the lamps or with the remote's dim-buttons, which offer three brightness levels: candle, ambient, and work.

    Both lamps feature a clever, modular, battery-powered system that allows for easy maintenance and replacement of all components, including the replaceable LED bulb, which provides an even longer potential lifespan. In addition, they are waterproof and splash-resistant, making some models perfect for outdoor use.

    To enhance the functionality of the Humble One and Humble Two lamps, a range of accessories is available, including a wireless charging pad, a USB-C cable, and a convenient storage pouch. The wireless charging pad and USB-C cable can charge the lamps in just four to six hours, while the storage pouch keeps them safe and protected during transport.

    Choose the Humble One and Humble Two lamps for a stylish and eco-friendly lighting solution for your home or office. With their classic design, long battery life, and sustainable features, they are sure to become your new favourite lighting accessories.