Le Feu Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

Le Feu Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

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    In the market for an attractive and greener alternative to wood-burning stoves for your home?


    A bioethanol fireplace is the ideal blend of both.


    Not only do they help keep energy bills affordable, they also make any house a home with their warm, welcoming glow.


    These contemporary fireplaces emit a clean, smokeless heat that appeals to those who don’t want to compromise on style while committing to an environment-friendly solution.


    At Beaumonde, our Le Feu bioethanol fireplace includes examples for indoor and outdoor use in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your personal tastes.


    Whatever your budget, our compact bioethanol fireplaces are a perfect addition for your home.


    We also believe that no bioethanol fire is complete without the proper accessories to maintain its good looks and optimal performance for years to come.


    Browse our selection of protective covers, which keep your fireplace safe, built-in frames for burners and screws for easy installation.



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    What is a bioethanol fireplace?


    A bioethanol fireplace is a modern and environment-friendly alternative to traditional wood-burning or gas-powered fireplaces.


    It differs in the way that it burns bioethanol fuel, which comes from renewable resources such as sugar cane, straw and maize.


    It also has a reduced environmental impact as it burns cleanly and does not produce contaminants or harmful emissions indoors. Instead, it emits water vapour and a trace amount of carbon dioxide.



    How does a bioethanol fireplace work?


    A bioethanol fireplace operates by using bioethanol fuel and a real fire to create genuine flames and heat.


    Every bioethanol fireplace should have a fuel box where the highly-flammable bioethanol fuel is stored.


    When this is ignited, it will produce flames and heat while emitting carbon dioxide and water vapour. The realistic flame effect is created when the real fire in the bioethanol fireplace burns through the bioethanol fuel.


    This can create a homely feel akin to that of having a real fire operating in your home.


    There are options for manual or automatic bioethanol fireplaces.


    For the manual bioethanol fireplace, fuel is added by hand. Alternatively, an automatic bioethanol fireplace needs an electrical connection.



    Are bioethanol fireplaces eco-friendly?


    Bioethanol fireplaces are incredibly eco-friendly as bioethanol fuel is made from renewable sources such as sugar cane, straw and maize.


    Bioethanol fireplaces tend to use fuel efficiently too, especially if the quality of the fuel is high.


    They also contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promote sustainable heating solutions while decreasing any negative impact on the planet.



    Are bioethanol fireplaces worth it?


    Having a bioethanol fireplace can be a great addition to your home.


    Not only do they eliminate the need for a chimney, but the installation is simpler.


    Bioethanol fireplaces also offer a realistic experience with real flames without requiring wood or gas.


    Furthermore, while the initial cost of a bioethanol fireplace may seem higher, it can be a great investment in the long term when considering fuel costs.


    There are many types of bioethanol fireplaces in a range of different styles and colours which can suit the aesthetic of your home and fit in seamlessly.