Lyon Beton XS Concrete Toilet Roll Holder

Inventive and unique Lyon Beton XS Concrete Toilet Roll Holder for the bathroom from concrete furniture designers Lyon Beton, this creatively designed concrete shelf stores your toilet rolls in a cloud formation. It will add a unique industrial aesthetic quality to a room that often lacks art or character. Made from poured concrete covered metal wire and fibre, this shelf is a lot lighter in weight than you might expect. Maintenance:- Never use harsh chemical products or abrasives. Do not use solvents, acid, metal brush and high pressure cleaner for the cleaning of items in our Cloud. Preferably use a soft, clean cloth. These shelves are made from poured concrete and as such small air bubbles are characteristic of the item.     

Bertrand Jayr Design for Lyon Beton    

Provide a fun and special uniqueness to bathroom spaces    

Dimensions: L26 X D10 x H11 cm    

Weight: 3.2kg

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