Sample Request

If you would like to order a sample, please send us an email to telling us which sample you'd like to order and we can request that for you from our suppliers.

Wallpaper Advice

When selecting a wallpaper, it is good practice to order a sample to try out on different walls and to see how it looks at various times of the day or night. Do not rely on how the wallpaper looks on screen as all screens are calibrated differently and your expectations may not be met. 

When choosing your wallpaper, consider and take into account the type of light you get in the room. Darker and north-facing spaces benefit from warmer tones and forget to look at the paper in artificial light as this will differ greatly from natural light.

When you have selected the wallpaper of your choice, please do check the labels on each of the rolls as they should all carry the same batch number if batch numbers are included. Printed colours can vary slightly from batch to batch.