How safe are bioethanol fires?

How safe are bioethanol fires?

How safe are bioethanol fires?

When introducing a new appliance or system to your home, it’s no secret that safety is the most important factor to consider.

With bioethanol fuel being a greener, but lesser-known alternative to standard fossil fuels and electricity, there’s plenty of questions surrounding the potential dangers of bioethanol fires.

Fortunately, the friendly and professional team at Beaumonde can answer a wide range of queries related to bioethanol fires – including how safe it is to use them in your home.

Are bioethanol fires safe to use indoors?

First and foremost, yes, bioethanol fires that are specially-designed to be installed indoors are perfectly safe to use inside your home.

It’s important to note, however, that all real fires, including bioethanol fires, will naturally produce some carbon dioxide as a by-product of the burning process.

Fortunately, the amount of carbon dioxide produced is such a small amount, comparable to the amount of carbon dioxide released from two burning candles, that it’s not a cause for concern.

Are bioethanol fires bad for your health?

Concerned about the impact bioethanol fires could be having on your health? You shouldn’t be!

While it’s true that bioethanol fires do produce a small amount of carbon dioxide (like all real fires), they don’t have a substantial negative impact on the indoor air quality of your home - especially if they’re used in a well-ventilated area.

Unlike conventional wood-burning stoves that require a flue or a chimney, bioethanol fires only require a door or window to be slightly open to ensure healthy air flow. Plus, compared to wood, charcoal, and gas, clean-burning bioethanol fires emit barely any carbon monoxide, toxins, or carcinogens.

Alongside not producing significant harmful emissions like alternative and more traditional fireplace options, bioethanol fires are also odourless and won’t generate smoke, ash, or soot.

As a result, as long as you use and maintain the bioethanol fire as recommended by the manufacturer, your health shouldn’t be negatively impacted.

Most notably, it’s important to ensure that fresh air is being regularly circulated around the room where the fire is installed by simply opening a small window in between refills, bioethanol fires pose little threat to your health.

What are the dangers of bioethanol fires?

Now we’ve determined the limited risk bioethanol fires pose to your health when used correctly, how safe are bioethanol fires overall?

Despite not producing smoke or ash alongside not requiring a flue or chimney, it’s important to remember that bioethanol fires are still highly flammable and can be dangerous if not used as recommended.

To help you understand how to safely use this type of fire in your home, we explain some of the potential dangers of bioethanol fires in more detail below.

Refilling incorrectly

As bioethanol burners need to be regularly topped up with extremely flammable bioethanol fuel, it’s crucial that you learn how to safely refill the burner. Topping up the burner while it’s lit or still hot can cause accidents or serious injuries as the hot fuel can spit out of the burner.

To avoid this, many manufacturers will ensure the gate that must be opened to refill the burner remains locked if the fire is on or too hot. Ensuring the fire has been out for at least 15 minutes can help you to avoid refilling the burner at the wrong time.

Spilled fuel

Unlike wood or coal, the highly flammable nature of bioethanol means any spilled fuel outside of the burning chamber that’s been lit could result in a flame that’s difficult to control or even an uncontrollable fire.

As bioethanol fuel doesn’t behave like other liquids when pouring, you should exercise caution when refilling and use either a funnel or a bioethanol pump if you’re concerned about overfilling or spillages.

To remedy spillages that have already occurred outside the burning chamber, you should wipe away the fuel using a damp cloth or kitchen towel. You should then take care to ensure both the area of the spillage as well as your skin and clothes are free from any bioethanol residue.

Inappropriate storage of fuel

Due to the flammable nature of bioethanol fuel, the improper storage of this fuel can be dangerous. These bottles of fuel should be air-tight and stored in a cool, dry area, far away from direct sunlight and naked flames.

While bottles of bioethanol typically come with a child-proof safety cap, pouring nozzle, and tamper proof seal for your peace of mind, storing the fuel on a high shelf can also help to prevent it from being picked up by children or pets.

So, are bioethanol fires safe?

Regardless of the type of fire you choose, all fires come with potential dangers. However, when used with caution and according to the manufacturer’s operation and maintenance instructions, bioethanol fires are perfectly safe.

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