Bioethanol fires: Are they worth it?

Bioethanol fires: Are they worth it?

With a bioethanol fire, you can create a cosy space that provides ample heat and eye-catching flames – ideal for relaxing with your family and welcoming guests!

Regardless, however, of whether you like to host lavish parties or prefer quiet nights in cuddled up around the fire, understanding more about the benefits of bioethanol fires can help you to decide whether this type of fire is right for your home.

Cue, the helpful team at Beaumonde.

As proud stockists of a wide range of Le Feu bioethanol fireplaces, we’re experts in these contemporary and eco-friendly fires.

Alongside explaining more about the advantages of this type of fire, our knowledgeable team will also list some of the potential bioethanol fires disadvantages, helping you to make the best decision for you and your family.


What is a bioethanol fire?

A bioethanol fire, also referred to as an ethanol fire, is a type of fire that is powered by bioethanol (also known as ethanol) fuel - a clean-burning and renewable liquid biofuel.

This eco-friendly fuel is made by fermenting the sugars in the by-products of starch-based crops like corn, wheat straw, potatoes, sugar cane, sugar beets.

While this fuel can be made into motor-grade ethanol that’s used to power cars and industrial engines, it also makes the perfect fuel for bioethanol fires.

As a result, the way that bioethanol fires work is relatively straightforward. The bioethanol fuel is simply poured into the burner and lit to create beautiful flames and an ambient heat.


Pros and cons of bioethanol fires

Now you know more about bioethanol fires and how they work, it’s time to answer one of the more important questions - are bioethanol fires any good?

To help answer this question to the very best of our ability, our experienced team explain some of key benefits of bioethanol fires as well as some of the potential bioethanol fires disadvantages below.


What are the benefits?

While we’ve already mentioned some of the biggest benefits that bioethanol fires have to offer, the advantages don’t stop there.

You can learn more about the efficiency, cleanliness, and installation of bioethanol fires by taking a look below or by contacting our knowledgeable team.


Produces clean, smokeless warmth

One of the biggest benefits of bioethanol fires is the sumptuous ambient warmth that’s produced – all without the unwanted and substantial emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂) and methane that are produced by traditional gas fires.

Instead, with a bioethanol fire only a very small amount of CO₂ is produced (comparative to the burning of two candles) along with harmless water vapour and, of course, plenty of heat.

The result? A fire that’s fab for both you and the environment.

Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about the unpleasant odour of smoke filling your home and penetrating fabrics like your curtains and sofas, allowing you to maintain a fresher-smelling and cleaner-feeling home.


Minimal mess

Tired of cleaning up black soot or piles of ash every time you use your wood-burning stove?

While wood-burning stoves may be a more traditional heating solution, they do require an awful lot of upkeep (in the form of ash removal and chimney sweeping) to ensure they’re safe to use.

With a clean bioethanol fire, however, you won’t have to regularly sweep the chimney, wipe away soot marks, or worry about hot ashes finding their way onto your floor.

Instead, a light wiping down now and then is often all that’s needed to keep your bioethanol fire looking good and ready to use.


Delivers roughly 3kWh of heat

Your typical bioethanol fireplace will emit around 3kWh of heat which is roughly equivalent to having an electric fire on a medium or high heat – deliciously cosy!

It’s important to bear in mind, however, that bioethanol fires are designed to create a pleasant warmth in the room they’re situated in and aren’t designed to heat your entire home or replace your main source of heating.


Contemporary designs

As a relatively recent 2005 invention, bioethanol fires boast some of the most modern, sleek, and versatile designs when compared to the more traditional wood-burning stones which tend to all look the same – black, rectangular, and fitted with a flue.

With bioethanol fires, you can explore a wide range of contemporary styles, shapes, and sizes, to suit your home and personal décor preferences.

At Beaumonde, you can shop an extensive selection of modern and elegant Le Feu fireplaces in a variety of attractive colourways. Featuring free-standing, wall-mounted, and suspended models, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect bioethanol fireplace to suit your space.


Gas and electricity aren’t required

Bioethanol fires run solely on bioethanol alone, this means there’s no need to reach out to gas engineers or electricians, and you won’t need to purchase batteries either.

The extra costs saved by not having to purchase additional electricity, gas, and batteries (or hire a professional to install the fire), can also contribute to a much larger overall financial saving.


Quick and easy to set up

The fact that bioethanol fires don’t need any kind of ventilation (such as a flue or chimney), gas, or electricity to function means they’re often much faster and easier to install than gas and electric fires.

This can save you a substantial amount of money hiring a professional electrician or gas engineer to install the fire and means you can start enjoying the cosy effects of your new bioethanol fire as soon as possible.


Affordable running costs

When compared to the cot of running a wood, electric, or gas fire, bioethanol fires can be a more affordable option – especially with increase in energy prices across the UK.

While the exact running cost of a bioethanol fire will naturally depend on how much you use it, the size of the flame, and whether you purchase bioethanol in bulk, many bioethanol fires cost between £1-£3 per hour to run.

This is because one litre of bioethanol fuel can burn for anywhere between 3-5 hours (depending on the position of the fuel box slider, desired heat output, and flame size).

As one litre of bioethanol fuel can cost anywhere between £2.50 and £7 (prices vary according to the quality of the fuel and whether you buy in bulk), running your bioethanol fire can be incredibly efficient and affordable.


Incredibly efficient

Closely linked to the affordable running costs of bioethanol fires is also their efficiency as they come with an impressive 98 per cent efficiency rate.

Bioethanol fires can heat up a room both quickly and efficiently as they produce a type of heat called radiant heat. This means the heat is transferred in straight lines from the fire to the people and objects in the surrounding area.

Typically, radiant heat is a more efficient form of heating than both baseboard and forced-air heating as it doesn’t suffer from duct losses or distribute allergens like the forced-air alternative.

Not to mention, because there’s no chimney, you won’t be losing sought-after heat as it radiates out and across the room, rather than away and up the chimney.


Things to consider

While it’s clear that bioethanol fires have plenty of positives, in order to make the best decision for your home, it’s important to have all the facts. To discover some of the bioethanol fires disadvantages, please carry on reading or get in touch with our friendly team today!


Requires regular and careful refilling

When it comes to bioethanol fires disadvantages, customers will want to bear in mind that bioethanol fires do require careful refilling every so often.

When using Le Feu bioethanol fires, for example, customers must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent the spilling of fuel between the burner and under bucket.

In the event that fuel is spilt in this area, the manufacturer recommends removing the burner and cleaning the spilled fuel from both the outside of the burner as well as the inside of the under bucket.


Burner must be cleaned and maintained

Every bioethanol fire will have a burner within which the fuel should sit. In order to prevent issues with extinguishing the burner, the user should ensure it’s regularly cleaned (typically once a week) and every effort is made to prevent fuel from spilling between the burner and under bucket.

However, bioethanol fires are still typically much easier and quicker to clean than other heating solutions, like wood-burning stoves.


Aren’t intended to heat your whole home

Similar to a wood-burning stove or electric fire, bioethanol fires aren’t designed to heat your whole home, so they won’t replace your traditional central heating.

They are most suitable for heating just one room, but can be used for comfortably heating rooms up to a considerable 30m².


Can create condensation

A natural by-product of the burning of bioethanol is water vapour which can contribute to unwanted condensation on walls, mirrors, and windows within your home. Left unaddressed, this can lead to unsightly water marks, dampness in areas, and in some cases, poor air quality.

However, this released vapour is only minimal and can normally be tackled with ease by simply opening a window slightly to increase air flow and allow moist air to escape before it can settle on these hard surfaces.


Should you get a bioethanol fire?

So, are bioethanol fires any good, and crucially, should you get one? Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences.

However, due to the long list of bioethanol fire advantages, there’s no doubt that these sleek fires are a great option and can make a fantastic alternative to both gas and electric fires as well as wood-burners.

So, should you get one? Well, in comparison to some of the more traditional heating options, bioethanol fires stand out from the crowd due to their efficiency, eco-friendliness, cleanliness, and design versatility.

If these qualities are more important to you than the aforementioned potential bioethanol fires disadvantages, such as regular refilling and condensation, then we recommend making a bioethanol fireplace the heart of your home.


Where to buy bioethanol fires

Eager to transform your stylish home interior into something a little more welcoming, warm, and contemporary with a bioethanol fireplace?

If you’re ready to start your search for the perfect bioethanol fireplace for your home (be it a snazzy bachelor pad or family holiday bolthole), look no further than Beaumonde and our range of high-quality Le Feu bioethanol fireplaces.

We have an extensive selection of sleek, clean, and oh-so environment-friendly Le Feu bioethanol fireplaces for our customers to explore.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a chic suspended fireplace with rose gold colouring or a sophisticated matte black wall-mounted model, rest assured, you can find a wide variety of Le Feu bioethanol fireplace styles and colourways to suit your taste at Beaumonde.

Feel free to dive into our collection of Le Feu bioethanol fireplaces and if you have any questions about their features, benefits, or installation, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

You can either email our helpful sales team at, fill in our online contact form, or reach out via live chat.

However you decide to contact us, you’re just a click away from adding a touch of warmth and style to your home with a renewable, modern, and efficient Le Feu bioethanol fireplace.