TRIMM Copenhagen now available at Beaumonde

TRIMM Copenhagen available at Beaumonde

About TRIMM Copenhagen®
- Founded in 2010 by designer Rikke Gjørlund, TRIMM Copenhagen® blends maritime influence into its outdoor and indoor lounge furniture designs.
- All products are made in Europe to ensure top quality, quick production, and proximity to the workroom.
- The company aims to enhance quality of life and foster connections among people through its products.
- TRIMM Copenhagen redefines informal gatherings by creating a lounge atmosphere outdoors.

- TRIMM Copenhagen provides high-quality lounge furniture for those seeking peace, comfort, and well-being in everyday life, whether at home, work, or in public spaces.
- Simplifying the interior and furnishing process for modern consumers, indoors and outdoors, is a key goal.

- TRIMM Copenhagen strives to be a welcoming environment for partners, customers, and employees.
- Ensuring proximity to every stage of the value chain and guaranteeing production, transportation, and product quality are essential.

- Transparency is vital for TRIMM Copenhagen, as the company aims to provide an authentic view of its activities to the outside world.

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