Junip Bathroom Canister - Black - Umbra

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A slim stainless-steel, chrome-finished Junip Bathroom Canister will look great in your bathroom and throughout the house, works well with jewellery, and is made to store the canister, soap dish and phone holder from the collection of the same name. One of Umbra's two apothecary-inspired collaborations with Gensler, the world's leading collaborative design firm. The pieces in the collection have the weighted look and feel of traditional apothecary bottles, but with clean modern lines and finishes and featuring warm and inviting rounded lines, chrome accents and an eye-catching matte white finish. The pieces are refined, yet comfortably casual, with shapes and proportions that aren't perfectly matched, but rather coordinated to be complementary. Ideal for homes and commercial use bathroom accessories in luxury hotels.

Design: Gensler
Dimensions: 8.8 x 8.8 x 14.6 cm
Materials: Resin, Stainless steel