Holster Grey Dish Rack

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Our Umbra Holster Grey Dish Rack has a self-draining design works both in the sink and on the counter. For counter-top use, the angled base collects and diverts water run-off back into the sink, eliminating the need for a bulky, unsightly drip-tray. Interior pegs allow dishes to be stacked in any direction and accommodate glassware as easily as plates and pots. The adjustable utensil caddy is generously-sized for holding cooking tools and flatware, lay flat knife holder and tray. Designed with sturdy, generous handles for maximum portability, Holster is easily transferred fully-loaded from sink to counter and back again.

Holster is an all-in-one, self-draining dish drying rack
Constructed of BPA-free molded material and rust-free metal, dishwasher safe
Holds 15 plates, 4 wine glasses or mugs, cutlery
Dimensions:  42.1 x 34.4 x 14.9cm

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