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Culinary Concepts Versailles & Georgeian Cheese Knife Gift Set


Set of two cheese knives, on classic, one soft cheese in Culinary Concepts Versailles Two Tone design.

    Set of two cheese knives, one classic, one soft cheese
    Give confidently with this stylish gift set
    Both 20cm in length
    Two tone finish, silver Plate and Brass
    Brass Cheese Knife Set


    What is Silver Plate? 

    This is a method whereby a base metal such as copper is coated in silver usually by the process of electrolysis. Caring For Your Silver Plated Item  Silver-plated items should be washed independently from stainless steel. If they touch when they are wet the silver may become damaged by a chemical reaction. Whilst silver-plated articles are resistant to corrosion they do inevitably become tarnished from sulphides in the atmosphere and from certain foods such as eggs. Use silver dip or a silver polish, carefully following the manufacturers instructions to clean tarnished silver. These can be purchased in various online and high street shops and in many supermarkets. Never place silver-plated items in the dishwasher, as this will cause serious damage to the items.

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