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Idea Lamp LED 13W 4000K E27 Lightbulb

The Umage Idea 13W is a smart LED A+ light bulb that is a testimonial to the iconic design of the original Thomas Edison lightbulb. Offering a bright, energetic light of 4000K  that powers on immediately when it is turned on, this bulb has a high colour rendering index to mimic the vivid light found in nature. It is a great non-toxic and energy saving alternative. The bulb always remains cool throughout its long-lasting lifetime. The opal plastic diffuser adds character to its design and an extra dash of sturdiness. The Idea LED 13W is perfect for general, bright white lighting in any spaces and is ideal for the Eos feather lampshades.

Size: W7cm, H13.4cm
Bulb type: E27, 13W 220-240V
Lifetime: 25000 hours
Material: LED filament and opal plastic

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