Humble Two LED Wireless Table Light - Gold/Smoked Glass

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The Humble Two in gold with smoked glass shade is a portable, dimmable downlight that uses its domed shade to direct a perfect circle of light onto your table, making it the ideal dinner companion. Fully charged, this little table light produces up to 96 hours of light.

The light’s brightness can be changed by simply pressing the button on the bottom – or by pressing the dim buttons on the remote – to one of three different settings: candle, ambient and work. Also, the battery can be charged both wirelessly – on any QI standard charger – and via a USB-C cable. After four to six hours the Humble Two is fully charged and ready to go another round.

Under the Humble Two’s signature domed shade is a clever, modular, battery-powered system in which all components are easily serviceable and replaceable, giving it an even longer potential life span.

  • Smoked: 4 > 9 > 21 lumen
  • Control: Toggle switch on the bottom of the base
  • Battery capacity 2400 mAh / 3.7V
  • Battery life Candle 95 hours / Ambient 30 hours / Work 17 hours
  • Charging Wirelessly (qi standard) or via cable (USB-A to USB-C cable included) Charging time Cable: up to 4 hours  
  • Wireless: up to 6 hours 
  • SKU HUMTL00205
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty