Potsy Multi Flowerpot Black/Brass



£ 37.50

UNIQUE DESKTOP PLANTER: Designed by Sung Wok Park, POTSY is a simple and modern planter that effortlessly brings a pop of greenery to any environment.
Set of three: these plant pots come in a set of three, making them ideal to pair all together, or place separately in different rooms. Display different indoor plants, succulents, faux plants, cacti or air plants in each pot to add variety. Great to place on a dining room table, coffee table, side table, window sill or countertop.
OFFSET FROM GROUND: The Potsy offsets from the ground with its wire plant stand, making this planter easy to clean and move around delicate surfaces.
Display at different angles: planters can be tilted at different angles to show off the growth of your plant, allowing it to be seen from almost every angle; perfect for smaller plants that are still in the process of growing.
5-Year manufacturer Warranty: shop with confidence knowing that all Umbra products are backed by a 5-year manufacturer Warranty

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